Chi siamo

Una presenza cristiana in, con e per l’università

Many youngsters attend university in Cremona. Some of them are commutes, some are transfer students. Some have been living in Cremona since they were born, some others reside in our city just to study. Some students come from far: Italians or strangers, Christian or not. Everyone “lives” the university as the place where spending the most of their time. Anyway, University is more than just classes, courses, exams, apprenticeships and trainings. University is an overview on the world and on the future. University is also the time of awareness and choices. University also means relationship growth, friendship strengthening, fun to share and time to organize.



Living such a massive experience on your own it is neither easy or nice… and above all it’s not smart! In order to live your University time as a protagonist, you need to share it! This way, you will be able to embrace all the chances, the occasions and the various encounters this great period could offer you. Be ready to face unedited possibilities and responsibilities you may run into. Be ready to develop them with creativity and far-sightedness!


We approach the university experience in an opened-to-everyone evangelic perspective: the first answer to Christian vocation is simply doing well what you are called to do! So, first thing first, fully enjoy your opportunities! In order to accomplish this, this web site aims to be a tool to help, to guide and moreover the beginning of an encounter.



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