Life is more than books and research. Here in Cremona, if you wish, you can meet many opportunities to serve: men and women who undertake others’ needs, when poverty and limits occur. Here is a list of suggestions you can approach and get to know better to enrich you free time of humanity.


Caritas cremonese

Caritas Cremonese is the diocesan organization for poverty closeness, whose aim is to propose charity as a lifestyle by proposing real experiences of help and care. These activities take place also in Caritas Cremonese’s “sign-structure”.

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Cisvol’s duty is working together with all the territory actors in order to build a community more and more welcoming, supportive and sensitive to common good. On that purpose, Cisvol substains the cultural developement of the territory with its actions.

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Baskin Association was created to spread a sport culture oriented to inclusion among able-bodied people and “differently-abled” people, particularly through the Game of Baskin (Integrated Basketball).


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Guide to places of greatest interest and usefulness such as STUDY ROOMS, LIBRARIES, GREEN AREAS AND CULTURAL ROUTES IN THE CITIES.