In our city you can experience a rich educational offer, thanks to the international excellence courses proposed and to the various academic programmes offered by the different universities that stand in Cremona. Here is an overall look with suitable references to find the most useful information: places, courses and specific proposals in the universities here in Cremona.

Bachelor’s degree in “Engineering of Computing System” and in “Management and Production Engineering”

Master of Science in “Music and Acoustic Engineering”

Bachelor’s degree in “Food Science and Technology” and Master of Science in “Agricultural and food economics”

Bachelor’s degree in “Business Economics”

Interfaculty “Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences “- “Economics and Law”: Second level Master of Science in “Agri-food Economics and Management”

Bachelor’s degree in “Musicology” and in “Humanities and Cultural Heritage Studies”; Master of Science in a single cycle in “Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage” and Master of Science in “Musicology”; Master of Science in “History and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage”.

Università degli Studi di Brescia – Department of Medical and Surgery Specialties, Radiological Sciences and Public Health

Bachelor’s degree in “Nursing”, in “Health Assistance”, in “Physiotherapy”


Guide to places of greatest interest and usefulness such as STUDY ROOMS, LIBRARIES, GREEN AREAS AND CULTURAL ROUTES IN THE CITIES.